Working together for Excellence

Welcome to the RCS Ltd website! 

RCS Ltd is a separate trading company of the Romsey School which aims to provide services for both educational and non educational organisations. 

The school has a long tradition of being a very successful community school including winning the National Community School of the Year for two years running. We are totally committed to working with partners in a highly cost effective way which enables you and your organisation to move forward quickly and efficiently. 

We have a philosophy that believes that the school’s doors should be open to everyone and if we expertise to share we should do this to anyone who wishes to join us. 

The name RCS Ltd is so chosen as we have a number areas where we can offer support, these include:

Consultancy | Computer | Caretaking | CPD - Staff Training | Creative | Community

If you would like support, then please look through the areas of expertise we have, contact us via the dedicated e-mail address and you will find that we are very professional, extremely cost effective against industrial charges and most importantly, quick and efficient.

We all look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Jonathan de Sausmarez

Executive Head




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